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NADRS is a centrally sponsored scheme found from the division of animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries by the national informatics center. The NADRS utilizes a network that is social, including MIS and GIS. It links the block, district, and every state to the central disease reporting and monitoring component (CDRMU) in the department of animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries (DADF).

NADRS 2.0 login Report

National Animal Disease Reporting System based on the avoidance and management of infections & contagious diseases in animal act two million, that was inaugurated in June 2009.

The objective of NADRS | National Animal Disease Reporting System

  1. Boost the operational functionality of this Department Give immediate alerts to all concerned regarding Animal Disease Outbreaks, Remedial measures, etc..
  2. Cease revenue failures by more dependable management of Animal Health Disseminate information related to animal diseases to all stakeholders in a convenient and effective way
  3. Have a combined Management Information System to get a more trustworthy decision manual
  4. NADRS Mobile application or NaADRS Portal, launch the existing record-keeping system to reduce workload below the manual system thereby raising the efficiency with efficient use of ICT
  5. To grow the essence of the notice made by district-level offices Speed &Accuracy of information dissemination related to Animal diseases to all stakeholders.
  6. At National Informatics Centre NIC, NADRrS Program S/W Training
  7. NAADRS 2.0 Mobile App launched to monitor livestock diseases
  8. Training on inaph nadrs for implementation of information system in Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH) & National Animal Disease Reporting System (NADRS)
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What exactly does NADRS stand for?

Livestock, Health & Disease Control Programme NADRS Meaning in India – The meaning of NADRS is NATIONAL ANIMAL DISEASE REPORTING SYSTEM (NADRS) the main purpose of NADRS System is to Recognize which diseases exist within the nation, Evaluate the degree and situation of diseases, Evaluate the influence of different diseases, Set resources priorities for its use of disease prevention, Plan, implement, and control disease charge applications, Counter to disease outbreak, describing the demands of international associations, Demonstrate disease standing to trading partners.


NADRS Project link explains the National Animal Disease Reporting System (NnADRS) project. The NADRS Portal would likewise be segregated to the subsections in which the description is supplied for roughly the NADRS Project, Aim of Project, Description of Nadrsapps Login project, implementation program, Implementation Agency, Advantages NADRS Project, etc.. NADRS project is available to all enrolled and non-registered users.                        

Nadrs Login Entire Guide Update 2020 has comprehensive information about the department, its officers, functions, associations, division hierarchy, etc.. NADRS Division provides information about 3 branches, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, and Fisheries.

The NAaDRS Schemes is composed of a list of schemes, planned schemes and non-planned approaches, latest schemes, allocation of capital, fund utilization, details of beneficiary, strategies success stories, tracing schemes that will support users in finding a scheme based on set location/division/sector/budget scope, etc..

At present, the national generic document registration system has spread out all around the country responsible for disease reporting. National animal disease reporting system and reporting of naadrs call disease through a on-line interface, SMS, email.

NADDRS search option will be given in the NGDRS Portal, which helps farmers to Ascertain the disease according to location, breed, symptoms, etc

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Launching of NADRS 2.0 Mobile App

NADRS 2.0 Mobile App for accessing Animal disease information in titles of First Information Report (FIR), Daily Incidence (DI) instances, and Vaccination policy from the Block Veterinary Officers with validation by District Veterinary Officers and State Veterinary Officer according to the altered NARS 2.0 Mobile App.

The National Animal Disease Reporting System NADRS APK for Android is a produced application for reporting the incidence of animal diseases data from the Block level Veterinary Units. (Download NADS APK for Android) NADDRS program simplifies and monitors livestock disease conditions in the country with a view to initiating preventative and curative action at a favorable and speedy manner.

Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services

  • Dashboard features
  • Daily Incidence (DI) cases
  • Modified Vaccination
  • Module was provisioned to capture fish diseases
  • Capturing of state-wise actionable points generated during the inspection meetings and their standing.
  • Sharing of NADRS information to National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (NIVEDI) to the forecasting of Animal Diseases
  • Provision to upload a picture of disease incident Whilst reporting
  • Capturing of Information About”Animal Health Camps ran” module has been included
  • Provision has been made to catch vaccination of targets and achievements


Visit the official website of the National Animal Disease Reporting System NAADRS

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.Click about the”Login” button.

What is the Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP)?

The Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP) will be established in more than recognized districts. All types of cows and buffaloes will be included under this NAIP record. Monitoring of the scheme and follow-up of all of the animals included under the program shall be continued until they’re born. Portal Artificial Insemination Coverage Login

  1. Stop by the NADS Official website and choose”Artificial Insemination Coverage”
    nadrs login
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  2. The purpose of this programme is”Protect animals, they will guard you” and here you can check out the nationally artificial insemination programme (NAIP) report as”State Wise Progress”,”District Wise Progress” and”Village Wise Progress”.


  1. Enter the User ID and password to enter the “Artificial Insemination — LOGIN
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